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Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation. The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases. Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

How to Escape the Horrible Trap of the Physical Human Matrix

What is keeping us stuck in this often depressing and physically limited world of strife, violence, diseases, poverty, unhappiness and frustration? Why can't we all simply sit down and meditate and immediately go off into a higher dimension and ascend up the vortex into a beautiful, luminous and loving realm of light? Why do only a few lucky prophets or gurus seem able to escape from this hellish world of war, famine and pain, while the rest of us must remain quagmired in the dismal depths of physical delusion, despair and depression? How does one escape the miserable human condition of birth, suffering, old age and death?

A matrix is a deeply ingrained cycle of life nearly impossible to break out of: The vast majority of humanity is unfortunately locked in a rather dismal, downward spiral toward illness, old age and death without ever having any real knowledge of the afterlife. We humans are caught up in a vicious cycle of survival which involves working, eating, illness, sleeping, hunger and then even more working, eating, illness, sleeping, and hunger, ad nauseam. And when we try to ignore or overcome our physical needs, we always tend to suffer and eventually die. It seems the limitations of our flesh and our ever distracting physical senses is our ultimate prison.

Overcome the flesh: We are not much higher than the animals if we can't overcome the mortal limitations of the flesh, such as thirst, lust, the need to breathe, and addiction to food. Some of these needs are much more immediate than others, but they all seem to keep us chained to the ever annoying and overwhelming lessons of life on Earth, including all the frustrating limitations, inconveniences, diseases and emotional and physical pains one must endure. This effect may be because of the strong tendencies of the evolutionary mind (or ego) to create limitation, separation, hunger, addiction, fear, drama and conflict in our lives. Physical evolution would not be possible without this dynamic, otherwise we would still be just algae blissfully floating on the surface of an ocean somewhere. The evolutionary mind combined with an active digestive tract and a strong desire to procreate sexually is needed to create a reality of separation, hunger, lust and limitation so that life can evolve into the various competitive species that occupy this planet.

Yogis, Mystics and Buddhists who overcame the flesh: A few yogis and mystics throughout history seem to have been able to overcome many of these rather depressing tendencies, cravings and limitations of the evolutionary mind (or ego) and flesh and that is why they have been so revered and respected throughout the ages! For example, there is an Indian yogi who goes by the name, Prahlad Jani, an octogenarian who never ate or drank anything since the age of 8. In other words, this incredible man claims to have fasted for more than 70 years! There are also some other great beings who seem to benefit from inedia and are still living today too, such as the sun gazer, Hira Ratan Manek, the highly venerated young Buddhist monk, Dharma Sangha, and the amazing, non-aging Buddhist nun, Master Jue Tong (Nun Shi Hongquig) who just sips water and has been food free since July, 1990.

We can learn many valuable things from the idea of inedia: The number of other people claiming to be breatharian (existing off pranic nourishment from the quantum vacuum) is growing every year although many of them still drink or eat at least some food occasionally such as the Australian author and mystic, Jasmuheen, an Israeli by the name of Ray Maor, and Kirby de Lanerolle who has demonstrated on film some amazing psychic powers. It seems this inedia lifestyle has produced a whole string of interesting characters and mystics such as the "breatharian warrior" Jericho Sunfire, Akahi and Camila, Oleg Maslov, Zinalda Baranova, Victor Truviano, Henri Monfort, Oberom, and the "breatharian" scientist, Dr. Christopher Schneider all claiming to survive extremely well without eating any food while often being blessed with a powerful spiritual connection. Breatharians from past history as mentioned in Paramhansa Yogananda's book, Autobiography of a Yogi, include Mahavatar Babaji, Trailanga Swami, Theresa Neumann and Giri Bala. Yogananda described many great masters of yoga as "seldom eating" and spending all their days deeply absorbed in the awesome bliss of deep samadhi.

Investigate the extraordinary benefits of inedia: It is very difficult to separate truth from fiction, especially while writing about subjects as these that are so often dependent on second-hand witness reports or whatever I happen to find on YouTube, paperback books, or other websites. However, I know there has to be something to at least some of these amazing stories and accounts of extraordinary human achievements such as breatharianism and the spiritual realization which often go hand-in-hand with inedia. However, so many of these accounts need to be much more fully investigated. Actually, breatharianism would not be nearly as valuable if it were not so closely associated with many other extraordinary human benefits such as astral travel, psychic abilities, amazing mental clarity, constant happiness, and the perfect health, rejuvenation, and energy levels they all seem to enjoy so much. And we have not even touched on the material benefits of inedia such as no grocery bills, no need to go out shopping for food, no need to prepare food, cook, wash dishes, or to clean up afterward. So much time and energy is spent on the growing, preparation, storage and consumption of food, it is incredible! There are also all the rather severe and tragic ecological consequences to the planet caused by a global greedy appetite for food. Methane release from domesticated animals is one of them, and deforestation to make room for more farmland is another. If humanity did not ever have to eat food to survive, then the world would most likely be a far, far more beautiful and peaceful place to live in indeed!

Breatharians seem to be incredibly free from the physical human matrix: What one can learn regarding breatharianism seems to teach us much about ourselves and how one might improve one's health and hopefully one's spiritual connection by not eating as much food and fasting more often. The more food one eats, the more it seems to block spiritual energy and maybe even the two important centers of spiritual awareness in the brain, the pineal and pituitary glands. Therefore, the food we eat and our addiction to it, could be playing a huge role in keeping us trapped in this vicious physical matrix cycle. This fact does not mean that one should jump right into living entirely on pranic nourishment alone, without ever eating any food again. One of course risks starvation and even death. But the extraordinary health, freedom, spiritual awareness and contentment that these "breatharian" individuals overwhelmingly enjoy should at least provide a strong indication that the human being could probably enjoy far better health with far less food than most people are eating anyway.

Addiction to food and overeating is a cause of much suffering: Of course obesity and overeating of junk food is a huge problem in society right now. We worry about drug addiction, but addition to food can be just as awful, if not, worse in many insidious ways. It would be interesting to find out just how many of the physical and mental diseases are actually linked to food. To begin with, some of the most obvious food related illnesses are hypoglycemia, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, colitis, colon cancer, ulcers, tooth decay, gum disease, atherosclerosis, strokes, heart disease, liver problems, kidney problems, and senility. Chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety disorder may also be related to food and food sensitivities. All manner of infections, parasites and accumulation of toxins in the blood all seem generally related to or dependent on the food we eat. The aging process itself is mainly caused by free-radical toxins which also come from metabolism of the food we eat. Many experiments done with animals have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that reducing calories while increasing vitamins and antioxidants have greatly increased the longevity, health and vitality of these creatures. Studies with humans are also under way, and so far they have reported much better health.

Regular fasting helps avoid suffering: Instead of jumping blindly off into the extreme deep end of complete inedia, the best thing for most of us to do would be avoiding snacking and simply fasting for short periods of time on drinking water only between whole, complete high-protein meals. The "high protein" part would be of utmost importance, because only after eating a meal high in complete protein, is one able to fast for a much longer period of time as compared to the time one could fast after only eating something like a donut or candy bar which is so high in sugar that it would definitely cause a massive surge or high followed by a crash in one's blood glucose levels resulting in more cravings within only a few short hours. However the benefit of a meal high in protein, full-spectrum nutrients and naturally occurring fats and nutritionally essential oils would tend to last much longer in one's body. One can then go on quite comfortably for whole day or even sometimes as long as two days after eating such a meal.

Meditation helps avoid suffering: What else can one do to hopefully increase the chances of breaking out of this hapless human matrix of birth, suffering and death we all seem to be stuck in? While fasting one should attempt to master meditation, astral travel and samadhi, which all seem to be much more accessible when food is no longer being digested or affecting one's mood in a negative way. The breath is also a huge obstacle to the conscious release of the soul from the body into the glorious realms of the afterlife. One needs to learn how to control and regulate the breath in such a way as to help reduce the turbulence of the mind. Both the mind and breath tend to become quite restless after eating too much food too often, and that calm and subtle spiritual consciousness remains blocked or out of reach. During fasting, the mind often tends to calm down, the breath can often come to a standstill, and the wonderful peace and joy of samadhi and a blessed and most loving connection with one's oversoul becomes much more achievable.

The conspiracy of nature: Another aspect keeping us trapped in the matrix is one everyone should recognize as extremely important, but very few contemporary teachers seem to even mention it. There is a "conspiracy of nature" that I sometimes find to be very serious and very troubling.

World population is zooming past the seven billion mark and continuing to grow exponentially! I find this fact truly frightening because it seems to be a problem even worse than what it is causing: global warming. As more and more people contribute more and more babies, they in turn will soon grow up, creating even more children, etc. until we have literally consumed everything and destroyed the earth. Many of us will soon be forced to starve to death, or die from a great war or other such calamity such as rapidly rising oceans, massive flooding, great extinctions, and massive droughts. In other words, the more people born into this world, the more will be bound to great and terrible suffering. We are all crashing headlong into a massive population crisis, when in the end, only a very few most hardy and most resilient people will survive along with a mass extinction of over ninety percent of the worlds plant and animal species and nearly a 100,000 years of global temperatures ten degrees above what it is today. Obviously folks: not just a little family planning is essential!

And I have not yet even begun to explain what overindulgence in conventional sex does to the spiritual awareness and one's desire to know Spirit. One needs to learn how to prevent the loss of one's utterly vital sexual fluid if one feels the need to really progress in developing spiritual awareness and enjoy deeper, much longer meditations. The whole world seems to be blinded by this incredible addiction to sex, because it is nature's conspiracy to keep everyone dumbed down into a mediocre existence, or in other words, trapped in a rather limited, stupefied state or matrix of life dictated not by one's own sovereignty, but by the dictatorship of nature to compete for mates and to create new bodies which in turn must battle for survival and compete for more mates! Don't let your biological compulsions fool you into thinking you will find lasting happiness in that person or some other relationship, and especially avoid the loss of sexual fluid, because that results in many more addictions, dependencies and attachments. One does not necessarily have to avoid loving and sexual relationships altogether, one does however need to avoid the loss of the vital sexual fluid and transmute that conserved vital energy through fasting, pranic energy, and deep meditation into a powerful, new expanded fulfillment in every cell of the body. A new kind of human being can come forth from this way of life: one who is much less bound by the constricting physical matrix of life.

Vicious cycles created by negative emotions also keep us stuck in the matrix: Not ever letting go of our attachment to our beliefs about our circumstances in life is another huge problem. We all need to overcome the strong tendency to project into our experience very negative and limiting circumstances that re-emerge over and over again, creating much fear, frustration and anger at our limitations in life. Financial limitations and debt is a very big concern for nearly everyone trying to survive or get by on very little. This problem is made much worse through anger, fear and attachments. We need to let go of these fears, and the best way might be through a "release technique" as originally taught by Lester Levenson and based on the principles of many other mystics and teachers throughout history and the more recent channeled messages from beings such as "Bashar" and the group soul, "Abraham." We can begin to master our life and circumstances by realizing our state of being is most important, not the circumstances themselves, because our habitual state of being is what really causes them in the first place. Life's problems are actuarially a vicious cycle caused by a negative belief being projected into an otherwise neutral (or meaningless) reality by one's consciousness.

"For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." (Matthew 7:2)

This timeless statement is extremely deep and extremely profound because our world circumstances and all our relationships in society are created or measured according to the definition or values we place on them. We continue to experience (or create) reality only in a way we expect it to turn out, and if we don't release our concerns and fears, they will simply all come right back at us to be "…measured to you again" resulting in a vicious cycle or self-fulfilling prophecy.

Life beyond the vicious prison of the physical human matrix: It would also help to greatly improve everyone's education about the subject of the astral planes or, in other words, the realms of the afterlife where countless residents reside in all manner of different types of communities. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions regarding life after death all too prevalent throughout not only the religious communities, but also throughout the "New Age" movement. We really desperately need to dispel the darkness, fear, and ignorance regarding what actually goes on after the body quits its living force and allows the soul to escape its confines so that life can finally really begin without all the annoying limitations and obstacles of life on Earth.

Know where you are going: How can one even begin to hope to escape the limitations of the flesh body if one knows nothing about where one is escaping towards? It is vital one knows all about where one is headed to long before even desiring to make such a journey, not to mention all those souls so terrified of death that they would try to cling on to their bodies even long after they have become completely useless and worn-out by old age. It is terrible just how long the really old people in nursing homes try to stay on very much trapped and mired in their physical bodies long after they have become utterly useless. If their souls only knew just how wonderful is the transition over into the realms of the light, they would not cling on to them for so long! Even after their body is taken away to the local morgue and incinerated, many still cling to their old "haunts" and remain earthbound. The spirits try to sleep back in their old bed, visit the local pubs (or bars in the US), watch plays at the local theatre, or try to take free rides up and down the street using the local bus service. They don't realize that the afterlife is a universe far vaster and far more versatile than our physical universe could ever be. Most however are eventually contacted by social workers from higher spheres and finally, when ready, escorted to their natural homes in the astral world. Our astral universe is filled with countless planets and solar systems and many realms that seem to enjoy their own illumination independent of a sun or star.

Escape from the illusions of fear: So many seem to think there are burning hells, demons, imps, halls of judgement, and all manner of other terrors and evils lurking throughout the unkempt corners of the lower astral planes. Such nightmares are usually thought projections based on a strongly held belief system and fearful expectations usually buried deep in the subconscious mind. There are of course thought forms that can resemble demons of any faith, but these are only thought forms or hallucinations that can at worse, scare one to death, but if one is already dead, what does it matter? These illusions, myths and misconceptions regarding the afterlife need to be overcome and recognized for what they are. There are hellish, cold and dark astral realms (as witnessed by the near-death experiencer, Howard Storm) created by abusive and sometimes down right evil souls along the way, but these reside only at some of the lowest vibrations suitable only for those who wish to remain in a corrupt or highly selfish and materialistic state of being. Most beings are more than happy to be living in the realms of the afterlife, especially in the higher vibrational realms, existing in their own level or state of being most suited for their own class of development.

Escape from reincarnation: Many young souls cling to Earth and reincarnation perhaps for eons because they don't seem to know or even want to know any better and prefer to shun away the spiritual. They are sadly unaware of the obvious truth that there are countless realms that are far higher and of far greater quality and fulfillment than the limited material incarnations their souls have been addicted to. However, no one is in an absolute sense less intelligent or more advanced than anyone else; there is a reason for everything, and some souls simply prefer to keep themselves constantly grounded in the flesh until they later realize they can find their fulfillment much more efficiently and directly on a higher plane of expression.

The afterlife is our real home: The vast majority however (or most of us) are, at some level of awareness, well acquainted with the realms of the afterlife that are beautiful, clean, natural, utterly safe, and filled with loving communities of highly advanced and intelligent individuals. You may ask, "well acquainted?" Yes, because in your dreams you may very often visit these realms during some of your most euphoric, restful or deepest sleeps. You may come back with a very pleasant memory, but unfortunately often with only a little sliver of information recalled because the physical brain is naturally not at all present during these other worldly sojourns, only the astral counterpart of the physical brain or mind is present. Therefore, after you pass over, you will find to your immense amazement and relief, that the natural spiritual home and neighborhood you've been escorted to by your loved ones is not only incredibly pleasant, but also surprisingly familiar. Really, there is no need to fear dying, death is actually the most wonderful thing that can happen to anyone, ever! It is the ultimate escape from our vicious physical matrix prison.

A fully fulfilling life awaits you that is free of the matrix: The afterlife is filled with love, opportunities, countless interests, all manner of plants, flowers, animals, lakes, rivers, mountains, resorts, forests, cities, towns, and many vast buildings where you can enjoy great music, great artwork, great movies, and awesome books. The afterlife realms are filled with some of the most astonishingly beautiful natural scenery you could ever desire along with many surprises too! There is a variety of flowers you would not believe ever existed, because many plants that have long gone extinct are still growing in the fields of the afterlife. This applies to many animals too, several extinct species continue to survive on in realms far beyond the disappointingly vicious physical world. Where does this knowledge come from, you probably wonder? The author of this article managed to enjoy at least two astral travel experiences and he studied the astral travels of Lobsang Rampa, Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, and Jurgen Ziewe. He also studied many near-death experiences such as those of Howard Storm, Dannion Brinkley, Betty Jean Eadie, Mellen Thomas Benedict, and countless others (including researchers such as Dr. Raymond Moody and Melvin Morse, MD) and listened to over 300 amazing paranormal conversation recordings (including the spirits of Betty Green, Frederic Olsen, and Mary Ivan) over and over again that are free to listen to at the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website.

We are all multidimensional beings and through the regular practice of deep meditation, conservation of sexual energy, transmutation, constant water-fasting, correct eating, and pranic nourishment, one can begin to learn astral travel into these beautiful realms I've just been describing, and come into loving contact with the higher self or timeless oversoul that seems to know all of one's past and future lives and realms of existence. We can also neutralize many vicious cycles of frustration by letting go of or "releasing" our concerns and therefore no longer projecting our consciousness at them and supporting them with our energy. We can lovingly expand spiritually by becoming more and more acquainted by our higher self which is more than capable of guiding and nurturing one toward a much finer, greater and more meaningful quality of life, free from the miserable confines of the physical human matrix.

Goodbye Dolores Cannon and Masaru Emoto: By the way, the author of this article is most saddened to hear of the great loss of the hypnotherapy researcher, Dolores Cannon and water crystal scientist, Masaru Emoto. However they are finally free of this very limited physical matrix existence, and now enjoy a multidimensional paradise that could most likely be the 5d Earth that Dolores and so many of the authors on this website talk about.