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Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation. The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases. Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

Is All the Pain, Craziness and Suffering in the World Caused by One Common Thing?

I am simply appalled at all the insanity, pain, and suffering in the material world. There seems to be no end to it! To start with there are all the painful ailments epidemic in our society such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. crippling people everywhere especially those in their later years. The suffering, pain, confusion and incredible expense that one typically goes through just to find at least a temporary relief from that pain is immense! Some people even end up in wheelchairs and never walk again!

Of course the causes are many and varied such as mineral depletion of the soils, poor diet, unnatural lifestyle, and the depletion of hormone levels as one ages. One of the main causes of pain whether it be a neck pain, headache, joint pain or back pain, etc. is inflammation (often of the nerves within the spinal cord). It is amazing the billions of dollars spent every year on all manner of drugs, injections, therapies, miscellaneous treatments and medications just to temporarily alleviate this inflammation.

Does anyone ever wonder why this pain ever happens in the first place? What are people blaming it on? What do doctors say really causes it? For one thing, this pain cannot be caused by a lack of drugs and/or surgery yet most conventional minded physicians act as if they think that lack of drugs and surgery is the main cause! Yet this conventional course of action is what seems to be the "obvious" remedy constantly provided by the conventional medical therapist. It seems as if no professional thinks independently; they all just copy each other and write out a prescription for a standard pain killer drug without looking into an alternative or much more natural, simple solution that can more permanently fix the problem.

Obviously (to me anyway) a Paleolithic diet or one of the many preagricultural diets eaten long before history ever began, would be of tremendous help. Also plenty of vitamin D consumption, all 74 minerals and antioxidants, along with adaptogenic herbs such as turmeric, sarsaparilla, ashwaganda, fo ti, and maca can be used to replenish nutritional support, boost aging hormone levels, and help restore healthy levels of bone and tooth remineralization. Yet one of the most essential and most vital causes of most inflammatory pain may be the overconsumption of food. In other words: eating far too much too often while drinking far too little (if any) water between meals.

The human body is designed extremely well, and over thousands of generations it had to have survived and endured incredible earth changes, long periods of drought, famine and great freezes. Obviously, food could not have always been available every moment throughout the history of humankind! Whenever there was a constant supply or surplus of food over a very long period of time (such as many years or several generations) it was an extremely rare event indeed. Even after agriculture was invented and widely used, humanity was still quite vulnerable to countless long periods of drought and famine, and even today throughout many countries this is still true.

Am I implying that starvation is natural? Up to a point: the human body is actually amazingly well equipped to handle it, but some individuals more than others. Ailments related to inflammatory pain, diabetes and heart disease, for example, are all food related yet these are among the first health problems to disappear after some therapeutic water-fasting while getting plenty of rest as needed.

Countless books, films and literature can be found on the enormous range of healing benefits of fasting. According to testimonials from many fasting individuals, their inflammatory pain stopped, the diabetes was cured, and their heart problems eventually disappeared. Even some forms of cancer and tumors have been seen to go away or diminish after a long period of fasting almost as if the body got so hungry, it ate the tumor! Obviously most of us may feel very uncomfortable about the idea of fasting long periods of time or don't have the inclination to do so, yet I am appalled at how little fasting is recommended today by modern day conventional doctors and by how poorly its great benefits are understood and appreciated.

Even though having a great appetite and eating lots of food may be a sign of great vitality, healthily functioning organs and good health, it does NOT mean that during illness and recovery from illness, one is to be stuffed full of as much food as one can possibly eat; yet this madness is common practice in today's society. Most individual physicians don't seem to fully appreciate exactly to what extent eating food is really the main cause of nearly all illnesses and suffering in the first place!

Yet the next best thing one can do is simply not eat as much or as often, and instead of snacking between whole meals, drink loads of fresh or bottled mineral water. I use a common bottled water that comes from a well in the mountains of northern California. If one can S-T-R-E-T-C-H one's time between any form of eating or snacking between meals, then one can possibly find drug-free relief from almost any pain, no matter how severe, whether it be back pain, neck pain, joint pain, hip pain, stomach pain, headache or whatever. I have found it possible that one can heal one's pain, almost no matter what that pain might be caused from, as long as one eats a natural whole food diet, eats sparingly, and far less often, while drinking FAR MORE of one's favorite natural (or bottled) mineral water.

During this age of crazy consumption and commercialization of food, most people in this society are eating far too much, far too often for what our bodies originally intended to handle. In addition to what I just said, the body can also always greatly benefit from drinking loads of water because healthy metabolism, digestion, nutrient absorption, nutrient utilization, oxygen utilization, blood circulation, and waste removal can all be much more efficient during conditions of adequate hydration.

Most people can live far healthier and productive lives on far less food and much more drinking water, yet the resources of the natural world are rapidly being destroyed and used up by this crazy overconsumption of meat, dairy products, junk food, bread, coffee and other beverages, when far less food is actually needed by the body. Almost as if there is to be some great nightmare future famine, many people eat like there is no tomorrow, putting on hundreds of pound of weight and becoming frightfully obese. Usually that famine never comes, and so the weight just keeps on building up and up until that person dies of type II diabetes or ends up in the hospital for some other reason. So many more people than ever before are getting hugely obese and even the standard or average size body image is growing ever larger decade after decade. Even larger and ever larger automobiles are being created to accommodate these larger and larger people!

Addiction to food is an extremely common problem, and everyone is more or less addicted to the narcotic stimulation that food gives everyone to one extent or another. I strongly feel that people's obsession with food is obsessive to the point of making it the main sensual pleasure of their life. Instead of God or Spirit, people often make Food the center of their lives!

Eating too often causes all manner of health problems resulting in a list far longer than I can remember here. Some of the most common signs of eating too often can be as follows: mouth sores, sore lips, sensitive teeth, sore throat, sensitive tongue, pain while swallowing, ulcers, and gum disease. There are countless digestive aliments and complaints too that can occur as a result of too much eating too often. Just as the body needs a good, long rest every single night, the mouth, teeth, and the entire digestive system, all the organs and circulatory system needs a complete rest from digesting and metabolizing food on a regular basis, otherwise it could easily get damaged and overworked!

How much time between meals? As long as one comfortably can, which could be anywhere between 6 hours and an entire weekend. It depends on how much one can feel comfortable fasting on water and how much one can fully appreciate the process of healing with water-fasting. The more spiritually oriented people among us can definitely understand and appreciate the benefits of water-fasting, especially in regards to improving the experience of meditation.

Some human beings have actually fasted very long periods of time, some for eight days, some even for an entire month, and much smaller yet more resilient group of people, as much as a hundred days! There seem to be at least a handful of spiritually advanced individuals who have never stopped fasting because of the resulting tremendous improvement and advancement in their spiritual life.

These amazing beings are called "breatharians," yet the idea of a human getting by without ever eating is naturally rejected as preposterous, or as a complete confrontation against all "common sense." Yet in the case of a yogi by the name of "Prahlad Jani" no scientist or doctor was ever able to disprove his claim, even after being closely monitored for 15 days in a hospital. One would say it is impossible to live without energy and life itself seems utterly dependent on the continuous respiration of oxygen and combustion of food energy, yet somehow, some people alive today (and throughout history) apparently are not living on any physical food or even water for that matter! But the energy has to come from somewhere, and the only explanation for such a marvel I could give would have to be some sort of built-in cellular connection with an intelligent form of nourishing quantum energy or spiritual energy or creation of healthy body tissue from that source.

Yet on some level I am not at all surprised that breatharians may actually exist when one considers the countless times throughout human evolution when early human beings must have been confronted with very long periods of famine or starvation, when there was probably no food and often no water either to drink. Such a group of people would only survive for so long--unless there were some breatharians in that group!

Because of all the immense problems food has caused me in my personal life, I would love to be a breatharian myself! It doesn't take much thinking to realize what great benefits and what immense burdens lifted off one's shoulders there would be for one to enjoy who does not have to eat!

To begin with, one would never have to go out and buy groceries and bring them back home to the kitchen, one would never have to prepare and cook the food, and one would never have to spend all that time eating it, nor waste so much of one's vital energy digesting it, nor have to deal with the often embarrassing consequences of indigestion, bloating, gas, etc.; and one would never have to clear the table, wash the dishes, wipe down the countertop, and wash all the appliances and utensils often needed to process the food consumed; and then one would never have to bother with eliminating the food after it is digested, and then one would never have to clean the toilet as often while not having to deal with nearly as many plumbing issues!

Many extremely unpleasant illnesses such as stomach flu, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, gum disease, heart disease, and dental caries are all strongly associated with eating. Simply put: nearly all illnesses would no longer exist, and the hundreds of billions of dollars spent per year on trying to cure them would no longer be necessary. Another wonderful benefit, one would no longer feel guilty about eating the meat of countless innocent creatures, nor contribute to the suffering of cows, goats, hens, etc. whenever drinking their milk or eating their eggs. One also would no longer contribute to the massive methane, pollution and global warming problem caused by the immense factory farms throughout the world. Therefore one who is a breatharian would also help reduce one's pressure on the environment immensely and therefore become free of a great deal of karma.

Much energy is also used up refrigerating, cooking and processing food, while residue from cooking builds up and up on all the walls around the kitchen. There is also much cleaning, scrubbing, etc. that often needs doing everywhere all caused by food and dink spilt on the carpet, and splashed on floors, walls, etc. Then if that were not all bad enough, there are also all the flies, ants, roaches, rodents, etc., often attracted by the presence of food in one's home. Food left around too long also goes rotten while becoming a source for the spreading and growth of fungi, bacteria, etc., while causing a terrible odor. Millions of tons of food is thrown in the trash and wasted every year.

Of course there is also the often expensive problem of having to pay for the food in the first place! About 80% of one's entire lifetime is spent earning money to pay for the food while having to spend time to create or gather and eat and eliminate that food! This is terrible, because far too much human potential is being wasted on this entire food creation/consumption madness and addiction/obsession with food when there are far more vital problems and issues that need to be contended with. There is a HUGE and obvious advantage for any society that contains individuals who don't ever need food because of being spiritually attuned to a higher form of energy or "quantum" nourishment.

I have to some extent studied several people claiming to be breatharian and found that they all seem to have quite a few really interesting qualities in common: NO health problems, a deep sense of joy and happiness, contentedness, satisfaction with life, endless energy, rejuvenation, and a profound spiritual connection or inner wisdom. They seem to be some of the most beautiful people I've ever known and I would love to meet anyone of them personally! They all seem to be of normal weight while living a super normal life free of all personality problems and hang-ups commonly associated with the rest of "eating" humanity. Some of the most serious and challenging problems in the world today are overpopulation and the hundreds of millions of hungry and starving people who are suffering. We have much to learn from breatharians obviously! They seem to be the most spiritually advanced in the human population!

Of course switching over to a "breatharian" diet would immediately present some obvious hazards, including some major physiological challenges and some serious social obstacles to overcome. Most conventional thinking people (not knowing anything about breatharian yogis) cannot handle or accept a person trying to "live on light" thinking that such a person would have to be a complete idiot and would simply starve to death! Obviously to avoid much ridicule, derision and opposition from "well meaning" family members, friends and relatives, it would be far better not to announce to the world that this is what you intend to do!

At this time, most people aspiring to become a breatharian would need to go through a great deal of preparation and many stages first, often allowing up to 15 to 25 years (or even a lifetime) to safely make such a drastic transition. (So far, it has taken me most of my life, but I am not discouraged because of all that I now know and achieved so far.) First of all, in my opinion, it would also be extremely important to learn sexual abstinence/conservation, deep meditation, correct water fasting between meals, and transmutation using prana as described in my books and other parts of my websites. Then one would attempt to undergo longer and longer water fasts while carefully monitoring one's own health and weight, etc. I NEVER recommend fasting without drinking loads of fresh mountain spring mineral water, unless one is extremely advanced and feel strongly guided to also stop drinking water.

When one attempts to progress toward living more and more on water and prana (blissful quantum energy) and less and less on physical food, any awareness of prana (or chi) needs to be greatly increased and fully established in the body cells so one can directly experience how physically nourishing blissful energy really can be to sustain and provide all one's needs. Without at least some degree of celibacy, it would be nearly impossible to sense and benefit from this blissful energy. Conserved sexual fluid creates a subtle substance called "ojas" (similar to ectoplasm) that in a sense acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual energies and therefore can magnetically attract and convert spiritual energy into a form of physical nourishment that all the cells of the body can benefit from.

One of the most profoundly important things one can ever do to convert from a limited physical existence to a limitless spiritual life is to learn how to convert over to more and more energetic, higher and finer forms of nourishment, while teaching our bodies to require less and less physical food. You know you are on the right track when you feel much more joy, more excitement, more energy, greater strength, greater endurance, perfect health, happiness and common sense. Always follow your bliss and your highest, wisdom-guided excitement!

The most direct way I know of for human beings to overcome eons of incredible pain, suffering and delusion is to learn how to depend more and more on higher forms of blissful nourishment and overcome one's addiction to sensuality and physical food. We are what we eat!