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Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation. The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases. Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

UCSB Shooting Rampage Reflects the Insane Education, Medical and Legal System

On Friday, May 23, 2014, 22 year-old Elliot Rodger gunned down seven innocent victims and injured seven others in what would have been an otherwise peaceful Isla Vista, Santa Barbra, California college community. This everyone's-worst-nightmare scenario has happened more times than I can count, and now seems to have become a horrific American past-time. This nightmare scenario is usually created by a young male with access to guns and ammunition while having serious difficulty growing up in and adjusting to society. They are often quite hapless, lonely and antisocial individuals who therefore are not able to enjoy any close or meaningful relationships.

There are obviously many things still extremely wrong today in society. The world today is largely conditioned and shaped by people who have been educated and trained in one or more professions, skills, fields of research or other endeavors. That which is taught and not taught in the educational system has a massive impact on society, and I believe what young people experience (especially in the area of social adjustment) in the schools of learning has a huge part to play in these college related and school related mass shootings.

Elliot Rodger created for YouTube a nightmare video. In it he ranted over and over how he was not attracting women and was feeling utterly neglected, devastated, lonely and even worse how he was going to take a horrible revenge against the women he felt rejected him and threatened to shoot their boyfriends as well. Also he ranted on how jealous he was of all other guys being able to easily attract women, how he wanted to become a "god" and in other parts of his statement, the "Alpha" male, rather than the lonely inferior "nothing" he felt he had become. He felt discarded by society and longed for revenge, yet he felt great power because of the guns he owned and the horrible things he was going to do with them.

Obviously he was suffering, obviously he needed help, but I learned there already were five mental health professionals on his case who by all practical purposes were not helping him at all, or at best, very ineffectively. Even worse, his physicians most likely may have been prescribing him drugs (can encourage violent behavior) instead of botanicals (can be very effective without side effects) and probably completely ignoring his special nutritional needs which nearly all people with mental health issues have. Most drugs have side-effects. Mental health drug treatment without first involving correct eating can result in extreme neurochemical imbalances resulting in deadly consequences. Nearly all mass shooters have been "treated" with anti-depressants or some other mental health drug of some kind without first carefully monitoring the nutritional intake. The standard American diet or SAD is a disaster for mental health.

Even worse, somehow this most mentally and emotionally unstable person was allowed to own guns! How the hell did this guy pass the background check? Richard Martinez, the angry, greaving father of one of Elliot Rodger's innocent victims quickly blamed his incomparable loss on "irresponsible politicians" and the NRA. These groups may very well be part of the problem because far too many individuals who should not be owning guns and ammunition are owning guns and ammunition. This is a horrible mistake, making or allowing many individuals to become an accident waiting to happen.

Elliot was intent on doing something extremely rash, horrific, and irresponsible without ever giving thought to the terrible consequences. Obviously his teachers did not teach him well enough exactly what these consequences would be. I strongly suspect his rotten choice to kill and hurt others has to at least partly be caused by the extreme lack of spirituality in the social and educational system and its sadly maligned emphasis on materialism, self-importance, sensuality, wealth, and the unfortunate misconception that those having mates are somehow superior to those who don't have mates. This idea of one's own value or worth being wholly dependent on various external traits, possessions and relationships is as far from spiritual as one can get, yet this is clearly what the educational systems and their fraternities are either teaching or encouraging in some way!

Spirituality does not have to involve religion nor a belief in something scientifically impossible. One need only describe to the pupil exactly all the details of what near-death experiencers have encountered during their out-of-body journeys and what they learned during the life-review process which is that we all share the same consciousness and that our real essence is a living light of pure, unconditional love. The wisdom of the ages has always stated: "Whatsoever you do to others you do to your self!" We need to present these facts to students as an undeniable law of physics and consciousness that whatever you put out, you get back!

Also teach in every school the very vital and important fact that there is life after death; people have been there and were able to come back and talk about it! The idea that everyone is completely annihilated by death is unfortunately taught by many science professors and others in universities and colleges. Even the mass murderer Eliot Roger was talking in his YouTube video as if death was indeed a complete and permanent annihilation, and therefore wanting everyone to pay for his suffering with complete annihilation.

Knowing that there is an afterlife and realizing that the consequences for all one's actions continue on long after the physical body ceases to exist, could definitely improve one's attitude toward others and toward life itself. Yet to be taught the opposite idea that the physical world is all there is and that one's physical body is the only existence one will ever have can import really serious damage into one's psychological makeup. Such academic concepts of separation, existentialism, alienation from Spirit, etc. affected me in a very negative way, and caused me much suffering, fear, hopelessness, and grief. I felt quite helpless, quite lonely and worse of all, scared out of my mind to risk or experience anything in life. I felt much more inclined to self-delusion rather than face the reality of life. I am quite sure that the standard materialistic curriculum and very strong encouragement of competition taught all my fellow classmates to be even more egotistic, selfish and snobbish than they were already. These are childish human tendencies anyway, therefore how stupid is it to push these tendencies even further along into adulthood?

Obviously advanced spirituality and the immense benefits of unconditional love and serving others need to be taught in all schools! And I don't mean any form of religion, but the principles of wrong and right, the illusion of the ego, and the latest scientific research on the phenomena of the near-death experience, out-of-body travel, and spiritualism. Some famous near-death experiences such as Dannion Brinkley's "Saved by the Light" and Howard Storm's "My Descent into Death" should be required reading in every school, college, and university. If everyone in school were given all the knowledge that individuals like Dannion Brinkley and Howard Storm acquired during their near-death experiences, and all that was learned by researchers such as Raymond Moody and Kevin Williams, then I believe there would be far fewer students in school inclined to hate, shoot, hurt or kill one another and far more who are inclined to help, encourage, love and support one another. There would be much less selfishness, bullying and snobbery and far more support, humility and understanding.

All those inclined to bully should definitely be taught just how terrible the consequences of their actions would be in the afterlife! During one's life review, for example, the bully will be forced to experience all the pain and suffering and torments given to others. He will be forced to realize that all consciousness is one consciousness, and that the oneness of all life is the reason why he will have to experience all the pain and harm he has caused others. There are many other perhaps even more frightening possibilities for those inclined to hurt others such as being nearly forever lost in very cold, dark, damp and lonely hells, or feeling so cold that the soul will shiver for possibly hundreds of years, or finding one's self ambushed by many other similarly horrible or vicious criminals bent on tearing the bully to pieces which was most gruesomely described in the Howard Storm near-death experience.

In the afterlife, Elliot will be forced to experience all the consequences of his actions. He will have to experience all the grief and all the other terrible emotions and pain he inflicted on all his victims. He will have to endure all of the terror and misery he caused all those around him including the utter grief, horror and extreme sense of loss experienced by all the parents and siblings of his victims. One way or another, he will eventually have to wake up from his dark state of being and possibly have to reincarnate again and again to repay all the damage he had caused until he finally learns unconditional love. Elliot will forever remain stuck at a certain level of pain and suffering until he finally learns how to love unconditionally all those women whom he felt had rejected him.

Every student in society needs to be exposed to a much deeper understanding of life and what it all really means in order to help prevent so many people from doing so many stupid, destructive or nonsensical things. This world is unfortunately full of misguided people doing all kinds of harm and mayhem simply because they do not at all realize the sacredness of being and the oneness of all life!

What Is Wrong With this World???

The global suffering, confusion, and mayhem is simply incredible. Whenever I think about it, it must be because of the education system or lack of it on some corners of the world. And even when there is good education, too many children are not being taught correctly in terms of what life is about, and what really is important in life and what really matters the most.

Every day I am constantly appalled at the news! No matter what news I read, I always come across something really terrible going on that absolutely disgusts me. In nearly all cases I can ultimately attribute this daily plunge into insanity and Dark Age behavior to a lack of of the RIGHT KIND of education, and even a lack of education, period. Until everyone gets the right knowledge or education properly installed in their brains, most of us will simply be like chickens aimlessly running around in circles with their heads cut off, or lemmings running off into the sea.

The various ways I've seen people pursue their "happiness" such as through junk food, drugs, sexual relationships, reckless aggression, wanton greed, violence, and acquisition, etc. is simply awful. This terrible behavior is not just harming the environment and the earth's resources, it is also obviously harming everyone's own personal mental/physical health and spirituality for life.

I will list some of the main issues at stake with the following subjects involved which I believe should be widely taught in every school and college in the world:

1) The dangerous and terrible consequences of overpopulation!

Obviously there are far too many people in this world today who are living extremely miserable lives! The more people or consumers created in any given region of the world, the more one's quality of life and standard of living is likely to plummet. Even though the world's resources are obviously quite limited, It seems however that more and more people are mindlessly ignoring this dire fact yet nevertheless continuing to create and introduce more and more children into utterly dreadful circumstances! Family creation needs to be a conscious and thoughtful process, and NEVER a result of blind instinct! India's Mahatma Gandhi used to tell others to practice celibacy, but sadly, far too many did just the opposite, and therefore billions of children continue to be born into the worst circumstances imaginable!

Because of overpopulation which is in turn caused by the insatiable, uncontrolled sexual appetite, billions of children will go hungry and millions will die of starvation every year while the whole world's ecological system erodes away if not collapses altogether. This very delicately balanced green emerald Earth is far too fragile a planet to support the expected 9 billion people who will soon be fighting over rapidly dwindling resources just to survive!

2) The consequences of all actions and motives and how they affect others!

All too often I see people treating others in unbelievable ways such as stuffing as many animals as possible into tiny cages so they trample on each other and have no room to move! How can anyone in their right state of consciousness slaughter innocent seals or skin alive hapless minks or coyotes? Or how about treating other human beings like pawns or slaves?

Any business of hurting others for one's own self-gain will result in consequences that one cannot even imagine. People who think they can get away with murder, greed, or any other crime against nature or humanity will have to pay their dreadful dues eventually. Nature has very insidious (both subtle and not so subtle) ways of turning against any individual who tries to pull off any harmful activity. This fact is as simple as cause and effect. As you sow, so shall you reap the consequences!

3) The hazards of materialism and the things that can go horribly wrong whenever vast amounts of money are spent illogically or improperly by rich people with no intelligence or wisdom!

One of the main things wrong with this world is the rather careless and incredibly stupid use of vast quantities of money by those who should know better resulting in a very dangerous imbalance of power. The longings, values and needs of the majority are washed out by the few rich people who can buy seats in congress and votes in office. Not to mention the vast corporations who have the power to wipe out whole communities of indigenous people in order to extract oil, frack and poison ground water, log old growth forests or commit some other utterly unwholesome, Godless ecologically destructive activity.

Even on smaller scales, I've seen terrible things done by big, powerful corporations who seem to think they can do whatever they like to disrupt, destroy or even eliminate the average person's way of life. Even the quality of my life has been nearly ruined by a thoughtless, greedy property ownership corporation with their "cookie cutter" policies. They spent their money in ways that were horrifically wasteful, while completely ignoring the needs of their tenants and employees.

4) The severe ecological and personal health consequences of incorrect eating, factory and mono-crop farming, consuming too much sugar, etc!

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year simply to try to undo the incredible damage that improper nutrition education has caused. Even worse, there are still masses of people alive today who have not even the slightest clue as to what extent all their physical, emotional and mental suffering is actually caused by their ignorant choice of food. People just don't get it! Cancer is NEVER caused by a lack of "chemo" poisons and radiation! Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure is NEVER caused by a lack of drugs! And tumors are not caused by a lack of surgery! Obesity for example is usually caused by too much sugar and processed carbohydrates and a lack of complete protein in one's diet, and NEVER from a lack of weight loss drugs or surgery!

The real cause of most suffering is this utterly insane, widespread mono-culture of the world's diet and the depletion of the world's soil mineral and soil bacterial content. Overpopulation and widespread use of domesticated animals has caused a massive overgrazing of wild lands, and over cultivation of the world's soils to the point of irreversible depletion. Everyone needs to support soil-replenishing organic farming and biological diversity instead that NEVER require bee killing pesticides and Frankenstein GMOs that need herbicides to keep them alive. What is really crazy is that the weeds killed off by the billions of dollars of herbicides sprayed on chemically raised crops every year are often the very herbs we should be eating in the first place to cure all our diseases! Dandelion leaves and their roots for example have far more nutritional quality than most other domesticated vegetables!

There are other far better ways to replenish the soils such as using rock dust, manure, and compost rather than these God-awful chemical fertilizers with only a couple of minerals in them! Too many use only inadequate chemical fertilizers and then they wonder why they have to use so many pesticides and herbicides to prevent their rather fragile or disease-prone main crop from being eaten or run over by their so-called weeds! This is a perfect example of the extreme ignorance that is keeping humanity in a rut.

There is also far too much mental and physical illness in this world because of the overabundance of sugar and high carbohydrate (flour-based) food in the average diet and far too little of the vast variety of antioxidant, adaptogenic super foods and all the rest of the fruits, vegetables, roots, fungi, pollen, barks, nuts, seed and thousands of herbs that typically make up the "hunt and gather" Paleolithic diet that one should really be eating instead and in the first place.

If you happened to be one of the millions raised on a box of commercial cereal, milk and cookies for breakfast every morning you are bound to suffer all manner of illnesses coming up soon. One tends to load one's plate with what tastes good or looks good, rather than what is actually good! One needs to eat to satisfy the soul, and NEVER for just one's ignorant sensory pleasures!

5) Unbiased, non-religious spiritual knowledge such as why meditation is so essential, what happens after one dies, the near-death experience, the out-of-body experience, after-death communication and mediumship!

There is more than ample evidence from near-death experiencers and spiritualist mediums to prove we are all one Consciousness or one single Great Spirit or Soul inhabiting many bodies. This single one critical fact may be the most essential ever to broadcast in every school, college and university in the world! If everyone knew this, there would be no more crimes, wars, religious conflicts, or any major injustices committed against humans or animals ever again! We are all one! We are one single Great Soul or Consciousness inhabiting many bodies, many minds, many egos. If everyone had this realization and the fact that they ultimately will have to experience whatever pain one causes another, then no one would ever in one's right mind desire to treat anyone else harshly or with contempt. After fully understanding what happens to one after one dies, no one would ever want to kill or hurt another sentient being in any way whatsoever ever again!

Perhaps even more important is the realization that one's individual consciousness and personality NEVER end at death! There is no reason to fear death! After passing over, life and love goes on without much interruption into ever new realms of great naturalness and great beauty. Families, lovers, friends, etc. will be reunited, past lives will be remembered, and sooner or later one will rejoin their true Self or Oversoul, experience the deepest love imaginable, and have immense opportunities to learn, develop old and new skills, meet all kinds of people, grow and explore many realms throughout many parts of the universe.

This fear of and nearly total ignorance of what happens after death is causing immense problems and immense emotional hardship in society and never-ending crazy arguments between religionists, scientists and atheists. The soul lives on, and in a sense the body also lives on too, but as a perfectly beautiful, ever-young etherial body on a subtler plane of existence filled with all the beauties of nature, ever new opportunities to grow, while always having at hand the simple joys of living. This is not wishful thinking, this is a reality confirmed by countless spiritualist mediums and near-death experiencers.

Even more obvious to me is that for anyone to find any real, true and lasting happiness, it can't or should never be expected to be found in external conditions. External pleasures, treasures, relationships, etc. are all subject to decay, change and loss. Even one's own body will change, decay and ultimately die! Yet what gets me is how many countless people are all caught up with seeking pleasures, excitement, etc. in the fickle and ever-dissapointing attractions of the world rather than within themselves! The greatest love, deepest happiness, greatest joys, thrills and fulfillments I ever experienced in my life has always been deep within my soul or spirit through conservation of sexual energy, transmutation and deep samadhi meditation or ecstatic astral traveling in higher dimensions.

These wonderful gifts of inner illumination and total fulfillment come from living on a Paleolithic diet consisting mainly of various kinds of adaptogenic herbs, roots, nuts, seed, fungi, pollens, fresh fruit, berries, legumes, brown rice, vegetable juices, probiotics, minerals, and antioxidants while avoiding all commercial products such as junk food, breads, cereals, baked goods, red meat, cheese, dried fruit, desserts, canned soda drinks, common beverages, sweets and candy.

I believe all the information posted on this site is so important, there are no words to express exactly how vital it really is! However, you, the reader, are the most important person. Your support is desperately needed at this time, otherwise I may not be able to continue in my vital life-long quest for spiritual truth and the means to find wholeness for every human being on this planet. Because of the selfish and often utterly thoughtless behavior of others, it has been a real fight trying to survive and keep this website going. For example: many important websites, affiliate programs, and YouTube videos, etc., that I've linked to throughout the more than 335 pages of my two websites keep disappearing and it can take hours for me to find and create new links to similar information.

To my utter disappointment and astonishment, Google removed my site completely from its keyword, "wholeness" therefore I now get far less recognition and support for my work. Companies I depend on keep raising their fees or creating new ones, or dumping me out through the shoot (so to speak), and making it harder and harder for me to exist. I must endure many handicaps including the life-long depression, anxiety and fatigue which requires special nutritional support and if my personal dietary needs are not met, this can have utterly tragic consequences! I recently got laid off from work (January 31st, 2014 because of corporate mismanagement and greed) from my life-long career of 25 years and it would be impossible to find another job like that one.

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