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Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation. The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases. Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

Acidic Diets Cause Nearly All Our Problems

Some of the most difficult health challenges ever encountered can be fully understood and solved by understanding the principles of biochemistry, pH balance and the minerals that regulate biochemical balance. The body needs more than 75 different minerals and trace elements for optimal health, yet most people are only getting a small handful of these minerals at best along with too much of the heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and many other toxic substances as industrial pollution spreads into our air, food, and water supplies. Healthy crops also need a vast variety of different minerals and rich, fertile, living soil for their proper growth and creation of food that fully nourishes the human being.

Unfortunately, commercial farming methods do just the opposite: the misguided zealot farmers feed their crops with nitrate fertilizers and a very limited number of minerals such as phosphorous and potassium. This disastrous practice may yield huge crops, but most of their chemical fertilizers wash off into the local water tables, rivers and oceans, resulting in vast amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous pollution causing oceanic dead zones and other serious consequences.

The fruits may be large, and the cobs may be thick and plentiful, but all such products are nearly tasteless and subject to all manner of plant diseases and insect infestations. But no problem, they simply spray them with more pesticides and more recently, systemic pesticides and plant insect resistant GMO's that kill off some of our most essential pollinators such as honey bees while dramatically reducing biodiversity.

The other absurdity that happens is in the arena of human health, disease and the crazy methods of "treatment" by chemicals that don't belong inside anyone's body which only cover up the symptom instead of treating the underlying cause of the problem in the first place. Not surprisingly, there is a massive epidemic of all manner of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, back problems, tooth decay, osteoporosis, alzheimer's, etc. that are still considered impossible to cure using conventional drugs with all their terrible side-effects.

Instead of boosting one's pH with vitally needed correct combination and ratios of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, iodine, chromium, selenium, manganese, and at least 64 other macro minerals and trace elements while boosting one's daily vitamin D intake, cancer for example, continues to be treated with draconian and deadly methods such as "cut, burn and poison" while the common joint and bone problems of arthritis and spinal degeneration that comes with old age continues to be treated only with pain killers! I am also shocked to find people taking only calcium and magnesium supplements when there are probably another 73 minerals needed by the bones, and then they wonder why the calcium does not work?!

The human body is not meant to be a mechanical device that can by "mended" by amputating various diseased or "defective" parts and replacing them, nor is it something that is designed to be "fixed" by cutting it open and then altering or messing around with the structures inside of it. The fully self-healing, self-repairing body is not meant or designed to be replaced by artificial pumps, organs, joints, screws, etc. It is a living biochemical structure that acts as a whole system where all its cells, components, etc. act in perfect harmony and are utterly interdependent.

In other words, the body knows how to heal itself and regain homeostasis if constantly fed only healing whole foods and antioxidant formulas. Free radical toxins (substances consisting of atoms missing electrons) and the long term insidious and corrosive effects from eating too many acid-forming foods (devoid mainly of alkaline minerals) are some of the main causes of "old age" and all of the degenerative diseases strongly associated with old age. There are countless naturally present antioxidant foods and naturally prepared supplements known to humanity that can really help the body to heal itself on a holistic level and rejuvenate cells no matter what age one is at.

With this information, full-spectrum healing of nearly any problem and nearly any disease can come to pass. In other words, just about any disease or disorder can be completely eliminated or at least significantly alleviated by following this unique alkaline mineral/antioxidant diet, a powerful "liquidarian" diet, and the healing benefits of alkaline water fasting between meals instead of snacking.

It is important to realize that the human body can never be nourished by solids alone, but only by solids dissolved in liquids! To ensure proper digestion, it is essential that if any and all nutrients are to be fully absorbed by the body, they must all be completely dissolved in water by mixing most of the food we eat in a blender with some form of juice or seed milk. Water, (preferably alkalized, ionized water) is the most essential aspect of good health, which is vital to not only transport all nutrients to every cell in the body, but is also needed by every cell in the body to eliminate or transport wastes out of the body.

Mental hygiene is just as vital to one's quality of life as one's choice of food and other internal consumption. It is just as important to avoid wasting one's precious time on absorbing too much of the mental garbage so widely available on TV, internet, magazines, etc. as it is to eat and drink correctly. Horror movies, sex and violent films are never uplifting spiritually and keep one from feeling close to God's nurturing vibrations of pure love.

It is far better to focus mainly on positive ideas of abundance, joy, love and good will toward others instead of negative, violent, paranoid, or fearful thinking. One's time would be far better spent mastering the "law of attraction" through meditation, abiding in unconditional love, and correct understanding of the true nature of reality, mind, emotions and consciousness.

As a result of my life-long journey from great suffering to greater inner knowing, I now enjoy such perfect, absolutely blissful health in every cell of my body, it is beyond description! One's personal life can be a wonderful and fulfilling adventure as long as one's heartfelt emotions of unconditional love and deep appreciation are always present. How one habitually thinks and feels, if greatly improved through the correction of one's biochemistry and meditation on one's ideal happiness, can remove or dissolve negative situations while starting to attract great and wonderful opportunities, relationships and situations into your life.

To help you along on this journey toward wholeness, I wrote a book regarding the immense benefits and/or potential of alkaline water fasting, liquid diets, bioplasmic energy or prana, breatharianism, conservation and transmutation of libido, relationship of consciousness to cosmology, law of attraction, astral projection and samadhi. All these subjects will be deeply interwoven into the fabric of this most fascinating seven-step journey toward blissful wholeness and spiritual awakening.

Imagine living in bliss and unconditional love like never previously experienced! It is possible by using this information to find enlightenment and live in happiness, perfect health and abundant energy by following the principles outlined in this book.

Information to be covered includes the following seven chapters:

Step 1 - Find the Right Foods and Eliminate All the Junk

1.1 - Start by Focusing on What Your Body Really Needs

1.2 - Eliminate all Processed Carbohydrates and Sugary Food

1.3 - The Horrors of Deadly Bread and Other Refined Carbohydrates

1.4 - The Horrors of Deadly Dairy Products

1.5 - The Cholesterol Myth

1.6 - The Weight Loss Myth

1.7 - Food Sensitivities Can Ruin Your Life

Step 2 - Start Fasting on Alkalized Mineral Water Between Meals

2.1 - Drink Plenty of Water and All 74 Minerals and Trace Elements

2.2 - Ionize Your Water and Ad All 74 Minerals to It

2.3 - Gradually Work Your Way to a 100% Liquid Diet

2.4 - Add Living Acidophilus Culture to the Liquid Diet!

Step 3 - Learn the Importance of Full-Spectrum Supplements

3.1 - Why Full-Spectrum Minerals Are So Vital

3.2 - Why Full-Spectrum Supplement Formulas Are So Vital

3.3 - Important Notes Regarding Vitamin D and Sunlight

3.4 - Free-Radicals and Antioxidants (Free-Radical Deactivators)

3.5 - Now Is the Time to Reveal the Entire Regimen

3.6 - The Complete List of All Supplements, Herbs and Foods

3.7 - Grind All Your Supplements Into Your Food

3.8 - The Liquid Diet: Use a Blender for Highest Level of Energy

3.9 - Don't Expect Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 to Work if You Have Not First Fully Established Your Self in Steps 1, 2, and 3.

Step 4 - Become Aware of Vital Pranic Energy Nourishment

4.1 - Slow Down Metabolism For Longer Life and Deeper Meditations

4.2 - Increase Spiritual Awareness using Monatomic Elements

4.3 - Subtle Energies from Natural Sources Can Be Sensed or Felt

4.4 - Pranic Nourishment and Breatharianism

Step 5 - Conserve and Transmute Your Sexual Desires into Bliss

5.1 - Moderation of Sexual Activity Enhances Well-Being

5.2 - Learn How to Transmute!

Step 6 - Align with Your True Nature and Know You Are Eternal

6.1 - Align with Inner Love, Joy and Your Highest Excitement!

6.2 - The External Life Instantly Reflects the Internal Life!

6.3 - Realize What God Is and Put Divine Love First in Your Life!

6.4 - Know for Sure there is an Absolutely Beautiful Life After Death!

6.5 - Commune with Extraterrestrials

6.6 - Use Sacred Circuitry to Increase Your Wealth and Psychic Powers

6.7 - Cosmology and Consciousness

6.8 - Redefine Your Life

Step 7 - Meditation, Samadhi, Astral and Cosmic Consciousness

7.1 - What You Meditate on Is Where You Go!

7.2 - Learn How to Meditate and Transcend into Samadhi

7.3 - Learn How to Meditate on Spirit

7.4 - Enjoy Cosmic Consciousness!

7.5 - Concluding Thoughts: Your Journey Home

7.6 - In Review: The Most Essential Factors for Wholeness

In conclusion: imagine living in bliss and unconditional love like never previously experienced! It is possible by using this information to find enlightenment and live in happiness, perfect health and abundant energy by following the principles outlined in this book.

For more information on this most essential and vital health subject, look up: Seven Steps to Wholeness (Updated March 30, 2013)