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Let's Help Create a Better Future! Seek Wholeness First!

The main mistake of humankind is trying to find happiness outside one's self in external situations and material things instead of within the heart or spirit through correct eating, herbs, divine love, chastity and hours of daily concentration on Spirit in meditation. The result of the general human population ignoring its own true nature as infinite, eternal inner love, joy and fulfillment results in a long history of catastrophic problems such as wars, pollution, poverty, crime, murders, natural disasters, financial disasters, famine, and terrible diseases. Strong negative emotions such as greed, lust, envy, hate, grief, aversion and fear cause confusion, darkness and misery. It is of paramount importance to balance emotions and seek only the deepest levels of wholeness possible to create a far more beautiful future.

An Alternative to Taxes, Expensive Health Insurance and a Crushed Economy

Everyone seems to be struggling through this most difficult economy. Nearly half of the business in the same area where I work from my home for an office rental complex are struggling with their rent payments. I am also struggling just to keep my apartment, not because I am earning too little, it is because it is such a pricey area I live in, yet I am still expected to pay taxes on my income as if there was no rent to pay whatsoever! This situation is profoundly unfair! Expensive big-government taxation, inflation caused by massive amounts of fraud, basing the dollar on nothing, and banks going under, are a huge part of the overall economic problem. 

Taxes are a nightmare for those like myself already struggling enough as it is just to make the rent and barely enough food to survive! There is an online tax revolt for anyone who feels the same way I do. It is extremely simple to join the tax revolt at: http://www.onlinetaxrevolt.com/march/ By the way, it is not actually revolting against paying taxes, but against the present income tax system which is undermining the economy. The "Fair Tax" is the desperately needed alternative and the best and only hope for the future. We all need to join and support http://www.fairtax.org and petition the government to support HR25/S 25 which is a consumption tax in place of an income tax, saving massive amounts of costly paper work and tax compliance costs of over 300 billion dollars a year even before one thin dime in taxes is spent!

Health insurance is so high because of the vast inefficiencies of modern, artificial oriented medicine. Simply adding all the 74 minerals and trace elements back into everyone's diet could save massive medical costs for all people and make health insurance a 100 times less expensive. Of course, this would make healthcare available for everyone at one hundredth the cost. No matter how the U. S. government shifts expenses around, the cost of healthcare will continue to spin out of control until all essential whole foods, minerals and antioxidants are returned to everyone's diet.  

I was never able to afford health insurance. The severe depression and the other symptoms I had throughout my life, involved many, many doctors, counselors, etc., at great expense. The only ones who really seemed to help were the ones who were nature oriented "NDs" rather than "MDs." My whole system collapsed due to academic and general emotional stress, food sensitivities, digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, and an overall lack of some of the 74 minerals we really all must have. By altering my diet toward a "stone-age" natural whole food diet, taking adrenal support, many vitamin supplements and all the minerals, I was, until taxes took away too much of my money, able to keep these horrible symptoms under control. Nothing medical could do anything like this.

Modern medicine "treats" mainly the symptoms with expensive surgeries and loads of costly toxic drugs rather than removing the cause with more "holistic" solutions involving simple, natural mineral, vitamin, antioxidant and herbal supplementation and correct eating. Because alternative and nutritional medicine is much more preventive, far less expensive and much more sensible than forcing patients to simply hide symptoms using pharmaceutical drugs with deadly side effects, or undergo dangerous surgery, health insurance should definitely cover alternative and preventive medicine, thereby helping to reduce overall costs instead of increasing them the way conventional medicine does.

A comprehensive video by Dr. Joel Wallach ND explains how most of the world's health problems and expenses can be eliminated simply by supplementing everyone with the complete number of all essential macro and trace minerals: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9150286864012453302#

There are now far too many laws and regulations holding America back. They need to return to the gold standard and "rejuvenate" the constitution back to the actual needs of the individual at the "grassroots" level. All leaders must be spiritual, moral and just.

Please go to http://www.fairtax.org NOW and learn how the Fair Tax can save America and why 80 independent economists, 66 Senators and House Reps back the Fair Tax.